What is Pic2Go?

Pic2Go is a QR-Code based tagging system allowing event organizers to increase their social impact through a wide range of photo/video distribution.

Thousand of participants can be tagged in breathe and their images are immediately available for sharing on socials or to be parsed through other apps and then sold on a photo selling platform.

Pic2Go is cost effective either for organizers willing to use their volunteer photographers or for professionals looking for te quickest technology on the market.

Underneath you ca see some of the included services and options available when using Pic2Go.

Feel free to contact to get more information or a pricing quotation for your event.

Services for sport events with specific features

Offer Participants Free Race photos to Post Live to Facebook, while Boosting Event Sponsorship!

Offrite fotografie gratuite da postare su Facebook aumentando gli Sponsor del vostro evento!

Bieten Sie den Teilnehmern kostenlose Rennfotos an, um sie live auf Facebook zu posten.
So steigern sie Ihre Event-Patenschaft!

Offrez des photos gratuites à poster sur Facebook en augmentant votre revenu Sponsoring!


Runpage is the STANDARD for any event, athletes will be able to find on their personal page everything about their race:

  • Athlete details

  • Bib number

  • Race/route name

  • Distance

  • Race time*

  • Pace*

  • Finisher virtual Medal*

  • Finisher Poster with printing options and personalized setup

  • Virtual Flythrough with image and video pop-ups*/**

  • Personalized video**

  • Sponsor Bar with links

  • Sponsor ADS**

  • Share buttons

  • Offerz.me coupons*/**

* Some services are only available if the organizer or the timekeeper provides the necessary data.

** Some services aren't incuded into the RunPage standard fee

Performance Photos

If some shooting and setup conditions are ensured by the event organizers, Pic2go is able to diplay athletes pictures with performance information at the very moment when the image is taken.

FlyThrough and RaceView

These two maps are very similar but are developed for different use:

RaceView offers the organizers the chance to dispay a fully animated map of the race with movement simulation, geotagged points (refills, photo points, sanitay, restaurants,...) and sponsor baloons. 

RaceView service can be subscribed even without related photo tagging services.

FlyThroug is a virtual relieve of the athlete's race, displays same information but is part of the runpage.

Both maps are in 3D with zoom-in/out and many other features.

Performance Videos

Performance Videos are providing a ultimate race experience and gift for the athletes. Videos are blended from:

  • Intro and outro general parts (same for all the athletes). Sponsor's information is often inserted in these sections.

  • Personal videos from the athletes taken along the race and recognized through Pic2Go tagging technology.

  • Images of the athletes.

  • Performance information (some information needed from the timekeeper).

Performance Videos need tags to be printer larger on bibs or other cnumbers.



FDF Semi Marathon

Giubiasco Carena

Hannibal Race


Turn your event bag digital,  delight Participants and grow Sponsorship revenues

Advantages of digital event bags:

  • You and your sponsors can offer products and special discounts through coupons.

  • Coupons can be displayed directly on users smartphones, no need to print!

  • Fully personalized to your event graphics.

  • Integrates to RunPage or as stand-alone.

  • Integrated mailing to your participants.

  • Grow ROI for you and your sponsors.

  • Gifts and discounts apply only to your participants.

Are you interested in using this product, contact us and start growing your event!

Offerz.me is a product of Pic2Go LTD.

Services for branded events

If you are organizing a a non sporting event our solution may be a great opportunity to thank your visitors.

Se stai organizzando un evento non sportivo, la nostra soluzione potrebbe essere una grande opportunità per ringraziare i tuoi visitatori.

Wenn Sie eine nicht-sportliche Veranstaltung organisieren, kann unsere Lösung eine großartige Gelegenheit sein, Ihren Besuchern zu danken.

Si vous organisez un événement non sportif, notre solution peut être une excellente occasion de remercier vos visiteurs.

Music festival
Sponsor content opportunities

Attracting leading brands to sponsor your race is an ongoing challenge. Such brands spend huge amount of money year-round on effective online marketing while your event is mostly ‘offline’.

Major brands sponsor races for many good reasons. Endemic brands like sportswear, running shoes or energy drinks manufacturers aims to strengthen their brand engagement with the athletes or possibly raise awareness for newly released models or products. Other non-endemic brands may include banks, telecom operators, insurance companies and others would many times sponsor endurance events to reflect their brand values and community involvement. For all brands – driving an effective engagement and maximizing their activation reach is crucial! 

Generating an online engagement or massive reach is quite challenging for most races as of the ‘offline’ nature of the events. The good news is that races can now offer brands a most effective digital sponsorship activation by harnessing elements like race photos, results, and participants’ passion to share their achievement.

Combining Pic2Go’s patented race photo-tagging technology, Live Gallery Sharing and the new rich RunPage Finisher Gallery – participants can share their race photos and results early on race day and drive massive traffic and reach to the branded galleries – boosting engagement, reach, visibility and traffic for the race sponsors!

Indeed, Pic2Go solution has been used during 2019 in races sponsored by brands as –SauconyPOWERADERed BullSamsungWizz AirThe North Face and many others to make their race sponsorship activation more effective then ever!

Gallery ADS - drive more traffic to your website!

You now have the chance to spread the information about your products and services through gallery ADS placed between ahtlete's pictures.


Working with professional Photographers ensures you the best photo quality and impact of your photo/marketing campaign.

Professional pictures and videos are a key-point of your communication strategy and most probably the best investment you can do to push your event to the next step.

We have a list of professional photographers who already worked for us and with whom you can discuss fair price conditions as they are sports and outdoor passionate.


Write us to get more information and our contact list.

If you prefer it is possible to use your own volunteers or photographers, we will provide you with the necessary information and some tips for sporting/event photograpy.

Terms & Conditions
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Acceptances of terms
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Subject to these Terms of Use, Pic2Go.ch may offer to provide the Services, as described more fully on the Sites, and which are selected by you, solely for your own use, and not for the use or benefit of any third party unless permitted explicitly by Pic2Go.ch. Services shall include, but not be limited to, any services Pic2Go.ch performs for you, any applications or widgets offered by Pic2Go.ch that you download from the Sites or from third party application stores authorized by Pic2Go.ch, as well as the offering of any materials displayed or performed on or through the Services (including Pictures (as defined below)).

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